Bread Baking Day 7: Knäckebrot

breadbakingday 7

Chili and Ciabatta has invited us to Bread Baking Day 7 with the Theme „Flatbreads“. So I decided to bake my own version of Swedish „Knäckebrot“, something I have never done before. But I love to eat Knäckebrot, so it was worth a try. I found a very simple recipe on the Internet and wondered whether it will work at all . Just knead rye flour, oil, salt and water together, then roll out dough, cut into shapes and bake. Sounded very easy, and so it was! And the resulting Knäckebrot is really nice and tasty. I love it with jam. I think, I will make Knäckebrot more often from now on. The thiner the dough is, the crispier the bread is. And, it’s important that you pinch little holes with a fork into the rolled out dough pices such that the bread remains flat, else it fluffes up.



  • 270 g Rye flour
  • 5 teasp. olive oil
  • 1 teasp salt
  • 180 ml water


Knead ingreadients together, roll out dough and cut into shapes. I used a pizza cutter. Then put onto a baking sheet with baking paper and pinch littles holes into the dough. Bake for approx. 15 minutes at 200 C.


2 Antworten to “Bread Baking Day 7: Knäckebrot”

  1. Petra aka Cascabel Says:

    Dein Knäckebrot sieht super aus! Ich hab mich bisher auch noch nicht drangewagt. Danke für’s ausprobieren und die Teilnahme am bbd 🙂

  2. Aparna Says:

    This is quite an interesting recipe and new to me.

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