Bread Baking Day 3: The Sourdough Experiment

bbd #03 - bread with rye sourdough

For a while I have already been thinking of trying to make a bread with rye sourdough. But my boyfriend who was a bit nervous about the smell kept me from actually doing it. So I was really happy about the theme of BBD#3, such that I had a reason for trying to bake with real self-made sourdough. Before I had tried dry sourdough from the supermarket. But making it myself from scratch was a very different experience. I sticked to the description and hints on this page and can really recommend them. So here come the story of my first self-made sourdough…

My rye sourdough at the first day: just 50 g of whole rye flour and 50 ml water.


Day 2: I added 50 g of whole rye flour and 50 ml water. You can see first bubbles and notice a light sour smell.


Day 3: It starts to smell sour and you see some more bubbles. Again, I added 50 g of whole rye flour and 50 ml water.


Day 4: I think this sourdough is ready for baking. It looks like a sponge inside.


For baking I took 300g of my sourdough and kept some in the fridge for later. Then, I added 75 ml water, 270 g of rye flour, a tblsp of sugar and a teasp of salt and kneaded it it a bread loaf. Then I put it into the oven at 35 degrees Celsius and left it to rest for 2 1/4 hours until it had doubled its volume.


Then I put it in the oven at 200 degress Celsius for 45 minutes, as it is a small loaf. And this is the result…. a nice and very tasty rye bread! I think it is much better than from the bakery. Furthermore, it is a great feeling to know exactly what is in your bread: nothing but rye meal, water, salt and sugar.


This is the bread in cut:


7 Antworten to “Bread Baking Day 3: The Sourdough Experiment”

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  3. Says:

    bbd #03 – Bread with Sourdough – Roundup

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  4. Ulrike Says:

    Vielen Dank für deinen Beitrag. Die BBD#03-Zusammenfassung ist jetzt online

  5. zorra Says:

    Gratuliere, ist dir gut gelungen.

  6. arfi Says:

    I think that’s a beautiful bread. Your boyfriend must be proud of you.

  7. Susan Says:

    Beautiful — I love the look of the crackled surface!

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