Waiter there’s something in my …. „Hermann Bread“


In Germany, there is a wheat sourdough called „Hermann“ that is passed on from one person to the other. When you receive it, you also get a letter how to handle Hermann. First you fed it with one cup flour, one cup milk and half a cup of sugar. Then you let it grow for 5 days stiring each day but not with a metal spoon. For some reason that’s important. Then you feed it again with the same ingredients and wait another 5 days. On the 10th day you divide Hermann. You use one part of baking a cake or bread and pass one part on to a friend. As far as I understand „Hermann“ is similar to the Amish Friendship Bread. For more details on Hermann see this page. Last week I have got a „Hermann“ from a friend. Since I do not eat much cake I tried to make a bread using Hermann. The result is really good. So I decided to join the „Waiter there’s something in my … Bread“ event with my special Hermann Bread.

1 cup Hermann
700g rye flour
400g wheat flour
2 dry yeast
3 teaspoons salt
3 tblsp vinegar
700ml water

Put the flour in a bowl and put Hermann, the yeast and some lukewarm water into the middle. Leave it stand for 20 minutes. Then add all other ingredients and mix it to a dough. Leave it stand covered for another 30 minutes. Then put in into a baking form and leave it for another 30 minutes. Then bake it in the oven at 200 C for 55 -60 minutes.

And here you go ….



Eine Antwort to “Waiter there’s something in my …. „Hermann Bread“”

  1. Mary Says:

    Someone gave me a Hermann starter many years ago, and something happened that I forgot to take care of it so I threw it away. About three weeks ago, a friend gave me the starter to Amish Friendship Bread, and since I was drawn back to the days of Hermann, I was determined not to neglect it. I made it through the 10 days, gave a starter to my daughter, and she gave one back to me so I’m working on a new batch. It makes me miss Hermann. I wonder if „he“ would have been as good as this is. How sad that I neglected it!!

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